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With special attention to detail, we offer designs that will make you feel confident.

Thanks to our perfectionism and good taste, we bring together the best of form, contrast and color, in handmade and ecofriendly pieces.

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We think about the planet

Your choice is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


You find quality in each of our pieces.

We think of you

Unique and exclusive light fixtures.

We are quality and perfectionism

We love what we do and the values of our brand. That is why, with effort and discipline, we focus on creating original, eye-catching and and fun swimsuits to make you feel beautiful and confident.

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Write to us at any time at (786) 653-3957.

Free returns within 6 days if you mail them back with your purchase receipt, no questions asked. We believe in our products and we stand behind them.

We accept all major credit cards. All of our transactions are handled on a secure server using bank-grade encryption. Payments can be handled through trusted third parties like Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Let us know what you think of your items. If you are not satisfied, your purchase can be replaced at any time or returned within 6 days. All our products have 6 days free return and 2 months manufacturer's warranty against defects.

Some frequently asked questions by our customers

In the section of our products you can visualize in detail the description of the pieces. We recommend that if you have doubts about your measurements, always choose one size more.

Because we ship nationwide and we are an online store, you can purchase our designs from anywhere in the United States.

Our swimsuits are handmade and environmentally friendly, thanks to their quality, concept and durability, they are unique pieces.

Although we do not yet have a physical store, we work with direct shipments and deliveries in Miami, Florida.